Really last minute Christmas gift ideas

Surprise! I know I don’t usually put a post out on a Tuesday but I’ve decided to attempt to post a blog each day this week leading up to Christmas. Trust me, it’s going to be a challenge but I like challenge once in a while 😉

I have stayed away from gift guides but I figured why not? Some of you may be having the last minute panic buying, which doesn’t bode well for a relaxing holiday time, so here you go.

So for the person who has everything how about making a donation to a charity? Here are a few…

Serendip is a children’s home is based in Sri Lanka that answered the need for orphaned and destitute children.

We’ve all seen the news where thousands of families have had to flee their homes because of war. No matter your personal opinion, people are dying because they’re caught in a situation that’s beyond their control.

Guys, are you still trying to decide what to get the girl in your life? It could be for your girlfriend, wife or mother…I’ve got you covered 😉


Pyjamas – Victoria Secret has a range of pyjamas that any girl/woman would love. These are really cute!

Smelly stuff – You absolutely cannot go wrong with Laura Mercier because everything is absolutely gorgeous.

Jo Malone has amazing body sprays and candles. My favourite is the mimosa and cardamom scent. *

The Body Shop has a myriad of gifts from £30 and under. Check out their Spa of the World range. Ooh and if you’re an O2 customer with the Priority app you can get 35% off! You’re welcome!

Shoes! How can we forget shoes? My personal favourite are these from Lucy Choi .The flagship store is on Connaught Street.


Fossil has an amazing selection of watches and leather man bags for the modern man. From all accounts they stuff is of great quality and last a long time.

Gadgets! Remote control helicopters, drones.

Sportswear apparel, if he’s got a favourite football, rugby or cricket team. Check out Sports Direct who have a plethora of football shirts and replica kits

Or if he’s got a dry sense of humour perhaps the Cards Against Humanity card game.

Finally, we have…


Concert tickets! Really easy, buy the tickets and print off and place in an envelope. Got a Belieber in your life? Well he’s in concert next year. So is Adele, Rihanna with The Weekend and Mariah Carey. Not into music? Or your favourite artist isn’t performing? Well what about Cirque Du Soleil?

Art is also a great gift for both male and female. If you’re in Covent Garden check out the stalls. A few of them sell Banksy re-prints.

That’s all from me today and I hope you found my ideas useful. Good luck!

Until next time thanks for reading and commenting


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