La Tavolata

oro 1889, la tavolata

Today’s post is going to be a delicious one, if I do say so myself 🙂

Whilst in Sri Lanka my friends hosted La Tavolata night at their restaurant, Oro 1889. You may be wondering what La Tavolata means and it’s feast at a large table in Italian (loose translation). There were 13 courses and wines to match. Courses ranged from pasta to bruschetta to squid, to a delicious digestif of pineapple and ginger to cleanse the palate.

table setting at oro 1889

I was fortunate enough to see behind the scenes and watched how everything is made from scratch. Timing, fresh ingredients, passion and a sense of adventure is needed when you’re preparing for La Tavolata.

There was talking, laughter and clinking of cutlery as guests scraped the remnants off their plates into their mouths. There were different groups of people but all sitting at one table there was a sense of togetherness and community. Such a beautiful thing as there’s always something or someone working to create divisions.

Have you ever been to La Tavolata? Or something similar? Let me know how it was in the comments below.

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