Lucy Choi x Sheerluxe

Ankle boots by Lucy Coi

Happy Thursday beautiful people!

You all know how much I love shoes? If you didn’t you do now :). Needless to say when I say that Sheerluxe was hosting an event with Lucy Choi, I jumped at the chance to go. Tickets were only £12.50 and you get a discount on the shoes. Heaven! Or so I thought. My laptop died and I needed to get a replacement so no shoes (sad times). This is the second time I encountered Lucy Choi (see here) and can’t purchase her shoes. Nevertheless, I went along to the event to hear her speak and the shoes!

Held at her flagship shop on Connaught Street. she gave a very heartfelt speech describing how her journey brought her to where she is currently. Did you know she originally wanted to study art, but instead ended up in Finance? Talk about full circle and also following your passion. It’s so inspiring to hear and see people follow their bliss and it made me think about whether I am following my bliss (more on that in another post). What was also lovely to see was her Uncle, the Jimmy Choo, showed up to support her. It was a family affair!

Lucy Choi and Jimmy Choo at Connaught Street London
Jimmy Choo, Lucy Choi and I

Lucy’s designs cater for a variety of heel height wearers and the colours are just beautiful. I have promised myself that I will own a pair of her shoes one day! Oh and a Jimmy Choo too 😉

Thanks to Sheerluxe for putting together such a lovely evening.

Tell me what are your favourite lust shoe(s)?

As always, thanks for reading and commenting.

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