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Why hello gorgeous fancy seeing you here 🙂

Hope your Thursday is going as well as you want to go. If not, just breathe and tell yourself that the weekend is almost here and you’re doing the best that you can.

Today’s post is as the title says, a social media detox. Now for some of you this might have set your heart racing in a panicky way but don’t worry you’ll be fine. Life can sometimes get really stressful which can leave you feeling just downright crappy and sometimes social media can contribute to that. Nothing wrong with social media but it’s how we use it that’s important 🙂 So here are a few tips I have started to implement to have a social media detox.

sunset over fira greece
Fira sunset
  • First up is to stay in the moment. A couple of weeks ago I was in beautiful Santorini, and the views were absolutely breathtaking. I will not lie and say that I didn’t post a couple of pics on Instagram however, what I did do was to remain present in the moment a lot more. You see we can get so focused on how a photo is going to look and what filter we can use or what app will do what, that we sometimes miss what’s right in front of us.
  • Secondly, keep a bit of your life to yourself. Do not feel pressured or the need to post your entire life in photos online. Keep a bit of you sacred, whether it’s family time or whatever it is. Plus it adds a bit of mystery which doesn’t hurt one bit 😉
  • Thirdly, shut it down. Yup go cold turkey for a few hours. Don’t post, don’t read just do whatever else you feel like doing. It may feel a bit strange at first but you may actually find time to do that thing that you’ve been wanting to do. For me, I found a few hours without internet access to be so freeing that I was able to truly connect with my friend.
  • Last on the list is to be mindful. By that I mean be mindful of how much you’re sacrificing to tweet or post that photo. We live in a digitalised world that it’s easy to forget about the human beings we love and care for; ourselves included! Ask yourself the real reason why you’re constantly tweeting or posting. Is it to add value to others or is it because your virtual life is much better than your real one? Just a thought.

I’m not saying not to use social media, I ain’t cray cray! (well maybe ;)) but it’s all about balance and realising what’s truly important to you. Comment below on what you think about a social media detox.

Until next time have a good one!x


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