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Charlotte Tilbury makeup

Hello beautiful! How are you today?

Today’s post is all about Charlotte Tilbury. I’m sure if you’re into make or beauty, you would have seen or heard talk about this range. I know I certainly had and was curious about it so I went on twitter (@majeang) and asked if it was worth it. I bought a couple of items so the answer was a resounding yes!

I went to Selfridges on a lovely Saturday with my friend for a trial on her Magic Foundation. The makeup artist tried 3 different foundation shades on me to get the perfect one until she was satisfied. My friend was a bit dubious with her choice but she was pretty adamant that it was the correct one.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup
Magic Foundation- £29.50

She then set it with powder, my shade was No.3 which looked so finely milled and went on so smoothly that I actually felt nothing.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup
Pressed powder – £33


Finally, lipstick was added and OMG this was one of the creamiest lipsticks I’ve ever tried. I went for their darkest shade, Night Crimson, which I absolutely fell in love with.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup
Lipstick- £23


After this was applied I walked about for 10 minutes and suddenly everything just came together. It seems that this makeup needs a bit of time to ‘breathe’ and mix with your body chemistry, a bit like perfume. I’ve got combination skin with sensitive areas and I have to say, it didn’t irritate me and it lasted until evening. So much so, that I was disappointed that I had to wash it off before bed.

Now this is on the higher end, think Bobbi Brown or MAC, but you get what you pay for. Not to say that you can’t get great products for less but only you can determine what is value for money. I highly recommend, at least what I tried and trust me I’m no beauty expert but if I can use this range with ease anyone can!

Tell me have you tried this range before? What did you think?


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