Autumn winter skincare

autumn winter series

Hello beautiful people! How the heck are you?

So the next installment of my autumn winter series is all about your skin.  Yup your skin takes a beating when the seasons change; there’s wind, rain (or more rain if you’re in the UK), colder drier temperatures. You get the picture! Anyway here are my tips on dealing with your skin during this time.

Firstly, know your skin type. Yes this is a mantra that you have heard a billion times but it’s necessary. If you don’t know what type of skin you have how will you be able to effectively care and treat it? See? The main types are: normal, combination, oily and dry. For me I have combination skin which can be sensitive. There are lots of tests you can do online or go to a skin care counter and they’ll be able to help you determine what you are. Or, if you can go visit a dermatologist.

Next is all about the moisture. Yup all skin types need moisture, some more than others. For my dry sisters and brothers I can only imagine how hellish winter can be for your skin, with the cold, wind and heating. Increasing your water content can help with the moisture both internally and externally. To help it is always good to apply a topical moisturiser. For me, I start using something with hyaluronic acid as this keeps moisture whilst plumping up my skin. Great ingredient for keeping the wrinkles at bay.

Following on from the moisture is spf. You may be thinking oh but it’s not as sunny or you’re indoors all the time. Beautiful it does not matter because the rays can penetrate clouds and white reflects, have you not seen people come back a bit tanned after a ski trip? To my beautiful brown, black, chocolicious peeps, you need spf too; there’s only so much our melanin can do for us. So peeps sunscreen please.

Let’s talk about our hands and feet. They work so hard for us and are pretty much exposed to the elements especially water. Again, moisturise but we must also exfoliate to remove the dead skin especially on the backs of our heels. You can use a pumice stone a few times a week in the shower and bam! You’re good to go. For the hands you can either purchase one or make your own by mixing, coconut oil, coarse sea salt and a couple drops of an essential oil; mix and you’re good to go.

Finally, your body. I am so guilty of this…it is turning the water to hot whilst showering in the winter but actually this doesn’t bode well for your skin. Luke warm water is much better for your skin. Some people even turn the water to cold at the end because it closes your pores and wakes you up! I tried it and yup I was alert that day! You may also want to ‘lock in’ the moisture by leaving your skin a bit damp after your shower and then moisturising. I tend to use a thicker body lotion, like shea butter or I create my own by taking my existing moisturiser and adding olive oil, almond oil and a couple drops of jasmine.

To recap, moisturise, use spf, exfoliate and drink water. Simples! 🙂

What other tips do you use to care for your skin during autumn winter? Share in the comments below.

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