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Hello beautiful! How have you been? I’m sorry I didn’t get a blog post up on Monday but I didn’t get a chance to put one out before I had a mini break, more on that later.

Anyways, today’s post is all about make up and as a special treat I got a professional make up artist to collaborate with. I thought, I’m no expert so why not get one ūüôā

Jewel Holder is Head MUA at Ambrosia Cosmetics and she’s also a Professional Beauty Consultant of her own company, Bijoux Artistry. Yup she’s the epitome of a boss! Based in Trinidad and Tobago, Jewel travels around the world to apply make up for her clients, because she is that good. Having lived in the U.K. before Jewel knows first hand what the cold weather can do, so she kindly agreed to give us girls (and guys) some tips on how to transition our make up for the season. Enjoy!

Jewel Holder, MUA
Jewel Holder, MUA

After the hot summer months have passed and the colder weather of the Autumn and Winter months start creeping in, we can no longer wear light, wispy summer clothing in bright rainbow colours; instead, we now need to transition warmer clothing, in darker, softer colours. And just as we are required to change our manner of dress to suit the newly arriving season, so too should we change our beauty regimen and makeup trends to suit. When transitioning to Autumn and Winter makeup, there are certain regimens and precepts that would be ideal to follow in order to achieve the best results.

Skin Care

As the cold, harsh air can make your skin dry as well as cause conditions like eczema, it would be wise to use gentle face washes and mineral skin toners such as aloe and chamomile based toners with little or no alcohol, then finish with a heavy moisturizer or face primer. Pure cocoa butter is my moisturizer of choice as it keep the skin well lubricated and supple, as well as prevents hyper pigmentation and peeling on the skin. Aloe Vera is also extremely effective in healing the skin and giving it a smooth texture. A silicon based mineral face primer works wonders and protects the skin beneath the makeup and from the harsh weather conditions as well.


In the summer time the atmosphere is hot and humid, so we tend to use water based and other light foundations that are void of heavy oils for a matte finish. But during the autumn and winter months it is best to use an oil or silicon based mineral foundation (preferably one that is free of sulphates and parabens), to best protect and preserve the skin and effectively prepare it for smooth makeup application. Also, because the skin tends to get lighter or in some cases get darker, therefore a change in foundation shade may be necessary.

Colours & Types of Eye Looks

Contrary to popular opinion, one’s makeup looks do not need to be void of colour. You can still have fun with deep greens, dark blues, burnt orange, mauve, magenta, burgundy, browns and neutral colours during the autumn months. For the winter, frosty, shimmery pigments in shades lime white, black, mint green, baby pink, lilac etc., are encouraged. It may be cold, but you can still be trendy in these colours, especially in the evening and at night

Frosted eyes
Smokey eye look
Smokey eye look

The most appropriate and effective eye looks to wear during the colder months include the Clean Face look for the day time and traditional Smokey Eyes for the evening and night. One can even incorporate the colours previously mentioned into Smokey Eye looks for a more dramatic finish. During the winter months, a frosted look is more desirable as it complements not just the snowy weather, but the fashion that accompanies the season. This look also gives the face a fresh, youthful look.

Green eyed look

Fresh clean look

                                             Fresh clean look

Sophisticated glam
Soft natural look
Soft natural look

Dos and Don’ts¬†

The key to beautiful makeup with a smooth finish during the autumn and winter months is to always keep the skin well toned and heavily moisturized. Use night creams for extra protection and a more supple look. Stay away from harsh face washes with salicylic acid as well as scrubs and exfoliators as they both tend to cause abrasions on the skin’s surface, added to the damage caused by the weather conditions that accompany these seasons.

Makeup can still be amazing even during the cold, dreary autumn and winter months. In fact, it tends to lift the mood tremendously and believe it or not it has an amazingly positive psychological effect at a time of year when we are vulnerable to mental diseases such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and Dysthymia. So all in all, not only can one still be creative with makeup during autumn and winter, it can boost your mood and give you a brighter outlook which can be highly contagious!

There you have it! Which look will you go for? Tell me did you enjoy this style of post? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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