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autumn winter series

Hello beautiful! How are you ?

I’m so excited because today is my first installment of my autumn winter series. The series is all about transitioning and coping with the colder months, which I hope you will enjoy and find useful.

The first installment is all about the autumn winter fashion. Now fashion month is over (or almost over) and we have to get back to reality, which is how to dress appropriately for the season we’re in.

I recently attended the autumn winter 2015 launch for Jaeger and was pleasantly surprised at what they had to offer.  It’s not a brand I would usually think of for modern fashion, but I was impressed and they gave great ideas on different ways you can look stylish for autumn winter.

The event had models wearing the pieces and I thought I would share with you the collection and a couple of tips.

First of all, if it’s still too warm to be wearing a heavy coat then layer up your jumpers and cardigans. A tip I use is to start with the thinnest material first and then build up. The model is wearing a 2 piece cardigan so it can be worn as a gilet. Asos has something similar and it’s on sale!

Jaeger autumn winter 2015 collection
look 1


The next look is taking a traditional suit and giving it an androgynous look, whilst still looking chic.

Jaeger autumn winter 2015 collectioncollection
look 2

If this look is too much for you, you can incorporate elements from it like the relaxed fit trousers. A relaxed fit means you can wear a pair of leggings underneath when it gets really cold ;). The 70’s trend is really big so finding relaxed trousers won’t be a problem. Check out these wide leg ones from H&M.

The third look is all about white. Not just for the summer, this look keeps you warm whilst giving off the elegant vibe.

Jaeger autumn winter 2015 collection
look 3

If all white isn’t your thing, how about wearing a cream jumper with jeans for a relaxed look? Check this one at asos which looks almost identical.

One thing that seems to be everywhere is the hat. I tried on the floppy hat and whilst I love it, it doesn’t love me :(. There are alternatives which do the job so I don’t feel left out of a movement 🙂

Jaeger autumn winter 2015 collection
Hats and accessories

Did you know that 10% of body heat escapes from your head? Might want to wear a hat then 🙂

The colours for the season range from creams, browns, greys, maroon to khaki. However, if you prefer to keep a neutral palate but want to still have a touch of colour just add some accessories, whether it’s a hat (see pic above) or a handbag or gloves. Alternatively, if you love colour then you can go for a colourful leather jacket (see below) or skirt like this one from Zara.

Jaeger autumn winter 2015 collection


I know Jaeger can be on the pricier side however, there’s no harm in looking and drawing inspiration from what they have to offer and checking the high street for alternatives. Also, BrandAlley is currently offering up to 60% off Jaeger’s current collection so run if you’re interested as their sales don’t last too long.

If I could purchase one item from their collection it would be a bag because not only would it add colour to my outfits but it’s such high quality that I would be getting value for money.

So what are you adding to your autumn winter wardrobe?

As always thanks for reading and until next time be well




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