Nothing changes unless something changes 

You suddenly realise that your life has become like a hamster on a wheel and that’s when you realise that nothing changes unless something changes.

By that I mean life has become predictable and routine. I mean some fun or something fresh and new needs to be interjected into life. Now there isn’t anything wrong with routine, on the contrary we all need it! I think I find myself in a perpetual state of routine and realise that I’m at a standstill.

Have you ever felt that way? A restlessness stirring for changes like the seasons.

I haven’t worked out what to do as yet with the restlessness but I did start to make small changes which I hope will have some impact. For instance instead of going straight home after work I strolled through Covent Garden and found, what can only be described as clouds! It felt like I was sitting in the clouds watching a light show…


Now that’s something small that’s changed 😉.

Until next time thank you for reading. Please let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had this restlessness before.

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