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London Fashion Week talks with American Express- Fantastic Fashion Careers
Conde Nast College

Happy Monday peeps!

For the fashion pack it is day 4 of London Fashion Week and it seems to be picking up speed as one more day before it closes, until next year that is.

Now whilst I didn’t get my invite to one of the shows (maybe it got lost in the mail ;)) I did get a ticket to attend a talk and the Conde Nast College; a collaboration between London Fashion Week and American Express UK.

The talk was titled, Fantastic Fashion Careers with a panel of 6 people who are in a variety of fields within the fashion world, from a casting agent to the Editorial Director of Paper Magazine (yes that Paper Magazine a la naked Kim Kardashian). The panel was chaired by Jade Parfitt who is a model and presenter.

As the talk started, each panel member was introduced by Jade and they then did their spiel of what they did. What was interesting about this particular panel was the presence of American Express, who surprisingly plays a big part in supporting up and coming designers. Lisa Gregg, Vice President & General Manager, Head of International Consumer Products & Experiences at American Express (I know long title), explained that one of the things that they tell designers is to know who you are, who your clients are and stay true to you. I found that to be really inspirational, particularly coming from a corporate giant.

Mickey Boardman, Editorial Director of Paper Magazine, spoke about the importance of internship (paid or not) and how it helped him to be where he is today. He was also incredibly vocal about the fashion design talent that London has to offer, a lot more than the U.S. (his words not mine). The panel agreed unanimously that if you are passionate about what you do then you don’t mind the long hours or doing mundane tasks, because you know that you will grow from it.

Liz Matthews, PR & Agent, has worked with a number of celebrities and one of her high profile clients is Alexa Chung. She talked about balancing her family life with her career and similar to her fellow panelist; Sarah Shotton, Creative Director of Agent Provocateur, they both noted that it is a challenge but if you’re passionate (again that passion) then you will find a way to make it work for you. Liz answered a question about bloggers and collaborating with brands, her response was that there’s no doubt about the impact that bloggers have. However, she is concerned that there isn’t any regulation with bloggers or for bloggers, but it would be foolish to disregard the importance of the blogging world.

Stavros Karelis, Founder and Buying Director of Machine-A, was very passionate when he spoke about young upcoming designers. On one hand it is easy to be a designer but really difficult, as it’s more than design you need to focus on. As a designer you need to think about the retail aspect of the business, the branding, the marketing etc.

Finally, Angus Munro, Casting Agent reflected on how a few years ago London Fashion was a bit dead and now it has regenerated to become a leader in this field. From his perspective as a casting agent, it is looking at not only the features of a model but, will they work for a particular designer.

All in all a good talk from my perspective. I would say that I was expecting something slightly different but perhaps that was an unrealistic expectation I had from a one hour talk.

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Until next time thanks for reading. Please comment below on your thoughts about the fashion world and bloggers collaborating.


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