The Many Moods of Noise

Hello gorgeous! How are you this beautiful day?

As you can see the look of my blog has changed. I just decided to try a different look and see how it felt. What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below. Now on with the blog….

Last week I was plagued with a migraine for a few days. If you’re a migraine sufferer you understand my pain. If not, just imagine your worst headache and multiply it by 10! It ain’t  pretty. Anyways, I noticed how everything was so noisy; train doors closing, people talking on their phones, even tapping your card to get through the barriers at the station (I was on my way home to get into a dark room!).

Once the migraine subsided I began to wonder about how we cope and live in a noisy world. There are all types of noise and they aren’t all ‘bad’. Matter of fact I find the sounds from nature really comforting and very relaxing, which is really helpful when making decisions. On the flip side, there’s noise which irritates you and causes you to feel overwhelmed! Not nice at all!

Some people are much more sensitive to sounds than others and I wondered how they deal with living in such a noisy world, because let’s face it, it’s not going to change. I actually think, it will get a lot noisier as time goes by. So here are a couple of things I do to combat the noise and hope it helps you.

1. I take time away by myself. I would love to say that I jump in my car and drive along the seaside and find peace….uhh I wish! I just have ‘me’ days at home, ignore my phone and just enjoy my own company.

2. When I travel into work, I use noise reduction ear buds and have soothing, or happy music playing. I feel a lot better and just enjoy the scenery along the way. The ones I use are by Sennheiser and they have been amazing!

3. This I have to confess, I don’t do often enough but when I do it works and that is meditation. Yes, yes everyone talks about meditation and that’s because it works. You don’t needs to be a yogi or even spend hours, five minutes a day can work wonders. You can find meditation music on Youtube for free or Omharmonics gives you a free track.

Share in the comments how you deal with noise and thanks for reading!

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