That bloody worry

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So we’ve all been there….something weighs heavily on our mind and in doing so, we feel heavy. It becomes a vicious cycle of thought-worry-feel crappy-more worry invoking thoughts-worry and so on.

I’m not going to tell you to snap out of it and to think positively (although positivity isn’t a bad thing) but what I am going share with you are some relatively simple tips that can help.

First things first, catch yourself when you’re in the midst of the worry. Yeah you heard me; catch yourself when you start to worry because it pauses the cycle for a moment. Gabrielle Bernstein suggests that you stare at the tip of your nose to shut your mind off. And when you pause the worry you can then ask yourself a really important question….is what I’m about to do serving me? Chances are it’ll be a no.

Great! Now that energy of worry (you know thoughts are energy and they become things?) you take it and channel it into solution energy. Sounds a bit wishy washy I know but stick with me. If you focus your energy into solving the thing that’s causing the worry and heaviness, chances are you will find a way out. Even if it’s a quick and temporary fix, it may give you sufficient breathing space to then come up with a more permanent and palatable solution.

And finally, go easy on yourself. We like to beat ourselves up with an imaginary stick and wonder why we feel the way we do. You wouldn’t beat your best friend so cease and desist and if that doesn’t convince you, know that we’re all imperfect beings. Despite what social media will have us sometimes believe, no one is perfect and you’re okay.

I hope you find the tips helpful and please share in the comments below how you overcome worry. Sharing is caring 🙂

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