Sunday Morning Pampering

I know, I know you read the title and thought….wth! It’s Wednesday!

Don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind or the plot, I’m just planning ahead 🙂

See about once a fortnight on a Sunday, I take a spa day in my own bathroom and pamper myself. Everyone deserves to be pampered and indulge in a bit of luxury every now and then. Here are a few of my favourite products that I use to truly relax and ease myself back into Monday.

Sundy Morning Pampering Routine

First up, we all know how good exfoliating is for us. Getting rid of old, dead skin that just dulls our appearance. I currently use, Midnight Dare by  Victoria Secret and then moisturise as normal. If I don’t have a store bought scrub, I use sea salt and olive oil from the kitchen cupboard. Talk about glowing smooth skin.

Once that’s done it’s time for the face. Cleanse as I usually do and then I either use an Aloe Vera face mask I picked up in Tunisia or I use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Facial Clay (isn’t it a mouthful?)  but it’s really good at pulling impurities out from under my skin, leaving me with a nice smooth texture. After rinsing and patting dry, I use Sanctuary Therapists Facial Oil on my face. I got on the oil bandwagon and I have to say, so far so good.

Beauty products
Beauty products

I’m no skincare expert but I do try to find products that work for my skin and that are reasonably priced. You don’t have to use what I use, please find what works best for your skin type.

As always, thank you for reading and share in the comments what you do to pamper yourself.

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