The shoes!

Hey peeps!

So I haven’t done a fashion post in a loooong time. Not because I don’t enjoy it but it’s a challenge but I’m working on it!

Anyways, I saw these beauties awhile ago on BrandAlley. I love this website because it’s like a perpetual sale! You can pick up anything from beauty to household stuff to clothing. Plus this is where you can practice your quality vs quantity. Spend a little bit more on something that will last you a lot longer. You remember me going on about having quality vs quantity? No? Click here to jog your memory.

Ankle booties 2
Fleur_black by Versace 1969


It was my birthday in March and I had seen these gorgeous shoes and thought nah I can’t buy these, until I saw the price tag. Cue shock…the good kind! You know I snapped up these bad boys and have enjoyed wearing them as much as I possibly can.

They’re suede leather and are called Fleur_Black

Ankle booties
Ankle booties


Sadly, these aren’t on the website anymore but there are lots of other amazing things I would buy in a heart beat if I could.

Have a lovely day peeps!

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