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Happy Monday peeps!

I’ve been lacking in inspiration for my blog posts of late (hence the lack of posts), so I thought I would take my trusty digital camera out and just start snapping. Here are the things that caught my eye in this photo recap.

First we have a couple of shots outside a shop front that reminded of Old England and how they used to dress. So Daddy Cool!

Penny Farthing mannequin
Penny Farthing mannequin


Old fashioned bicycle
Old fashioned bicycle


These next set of photos I took inside of the London Cocktail Club near Covent Garden. You walk down a flight of nondescript steps and enter this space that looks like sailors from way back when could appear at any time. The walls are filled with tattoo art and the cocktails are to die for! I recommend the Porn Star Martini 🙂

Until next time be well peeps!

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  1. Becky | Been There, Seen That, Got the Postcard

    The way fashion is going, it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw those clothes on the catwalk next month.


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