Spaces in between

Life is so fast paced that I often times think/feel that we all forget to stop and breathe. There are spaces in between the craziness, the busyness to just sit, reflect, relax and just be.

Have you ever wondered what’s stopping you from just being? We’re all busy but if a person truly wants something they generally make the time for it. Not so? So what is it? Is it that you’re afraid to not be busy for 5 minutes? Or wonder what people will think because you (gasp) have actually taken a whole hour to do that yoga, body pump or spin class that you’ve been meaning to sign up for since January? Or whatever you feel like not doing for that time. Just remember you are important. You matter and that includes all of you. It is that simple.

The take away message of today’s post….look for the spaces in between to nourish your neglected parts. They’ll pay you back in dividends.

Have a wonderful Wednesday peeps and as always thank you for reading :).


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