Woman Crush Wednesday

My Woman Crush Wednesday is Danielle La Porte.

She is an author, bringer of magic, reality and all round goddess. I first heard about her from Marie Forleo; who is another badass chica and was introduced to her book called, The Desire Map.

The Desire Map

This book is awesome if I do say so myself. It changes the whole idea of life planning on it’s head and gets you to focus more on how you want to feel doing a particular thing first. To me it makes perfect sense because why do you want to do anything at all in the first place? Well to get a certain feeling! So why not start there? Genius huh!?

Don’t think that it’s quick or passive type of reading, oh no! She makes you work and with good reason. How bad do you want it? So if you’re interested in reading more, click here.


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