Quality over Quantity

I’ve been pondering over my wardrobe and it seems to me that there’s a lot of crap in it. Things that I will never wear because it’s not me or, don’t fit. Just things that seem to get worn more by the physical thing that holds them i.e. the cupboard or suitcase, than me.

What to do?

Well I have decided that I need quality over quantity. We all have that 1 or 2 favourite store where the clothes or shoes are cheap, so we binge on them. Nothing wrong with it except, when your cupboard is full of binged items that you don’t wear, can’t wear or don’t last past the first wash.

In light of this I am going to spend a bit more on the items that I will constantly use. This will save me a lot of time, money and effort in the long run. It is far better, from my point of view, to spend a bit more now than to be constantly buying that item over and over. Case in point, I need a new pair of going out boots and whilst I love a sale (who doesn’t?) I am not going to buy a poor quality pair because it’s on sale.

Matter of fact, I found my ideal pair of boots from Duo Boots and it was in their sale (yay me!). However, the quality and reviews from this site is amazing! I spend a bit more on quality and it lasts.

So tell me which do you prefer; quality? or quantity? or both? 😉

Dita by Duo Boots

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