Dark Night of the Soul

Have you noticed of late the influx of happy, positive, let’s live a happy life and life is amazing messages we’ve all been receiving?

I know I’ve written about it on this blog and will continue to write about it because I believe that it is important. However, I was reminded that there needs to be a balance and people needed to ‘get real’, by my friend and colleague, Abby Hussein (https://www.facebook.com/enijizeltd?fref=ts).

“Sorrow enlarges the capacity of the heart for Joy” Richard Mahew

Life is all about balance. We only need to look at nature to see the balance. As much as those of us that live in temperate countries would love summer to stay longer, it can’t because just like winter is part of a cycle so is summer. The same goes in tropical countries; you either have rainy season or a dry season. They’re interdependent on each other.

“Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional.” –Haruki Murakami

The same goes for the human journey. Life can’t be all happy, happy, joy, joy. There is the flip side which sometimes gets brushed aside because no one really wants to hear or talk about it. We all go through dark nights. We all go through moments of pure agony and feel that we are pushed to our very limit. That’s part of this journey we call life. We can fight against it, but the more we fight the stronger it gets.

‘Yes, it hurts. And yet all suffering comes from unquestioned thinking and is pure imagination. Feel it? Unquestioned thinking hurts; reality doesn’t’ —Byron Katie

When you accept that there will be challenges in your journey, the discomfort lessens. We become closer to the reality of what actually is and not what we think it is. In my experience these challenges that we all face in life are lessons that teaches us how to more of who we are. They open our eyes to ourselves and nourishes our minds, bodies and souls in a way that nothing else could. It adds depth to the human condition and when we come out of the other side into the sun, our perception of our journey is closer to the truth and a much richer experience.
The joy and happiness that we all seek has a quality to it that is indescribable.

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