• Summer 2017 Playlist

    summer 2017 playlist by majeang

    So you're on your summer holiday and having the best time! The sun is shining, you're at the beach looking cute in your kimono and swimsuit when all that's missing is some music. We all need music for our summer backdrop so when winter hits and we hear that song on the radio, it can take us back to sunnier days. That's exactly what today's post is all about; the summer 2017 playlist!

  • Staying Motivated With Your Fitness Routine

    staying motivated with your workout routine

    Happy July you fitness giraffes! We're already in the swing of summer, although the weather in the UK leaves a lot to be desired. Anyway, today's post is not about my wanderlust but about staying motivated with your fitness routine. You know how we feel so motivated and gung-ho about joining the gym and by week 2 it's fallen by the side? Then you wonder why you're wasting your money. I'm here to share some tips to get your fitness motivation mojo going again!

  • Tips on Haggling whilst Holidaying

    tips on haggling - bangkok

    Haggling isn't something that is the norm in the western world. You go into a store or shop and the price you see is usually the price you pay, unless there's a sale on. If you visit a market stall, you may be able to wiggle your way to a lower price but not often. However, if you visit South East Asia, Dubai or Egypt, then haggling is pretty much expected. With that in mind, I'm sharing my tips on haggling that I picked up from one of the besties :)