• Ultimate Autumn 2017 TV Guide

    ultimate autumn 2017 tv guide

    Happy Tuesday beauties! Hope the start of your week wasn't too difficult for you? I know Mondays and sometimes Tuesday can make it feel like you're in a hostage situation but hopefully, I can get your mind focused on something pleasurable like, what you'll be watching during autumn. Let's face it when the days are shorter and it's much colder, you don't actually feel like leaving your house. Matter of fact you'd rather cosy up on the sofa and watch Netflix or the latest tv series obsession. I know I would! So today I'm sharing my ultimate autumn 2017 tv guide.

  • 7 Beauty Hacks

    Beauty hacks

    It's September already and although it's still officially summer, autumn is quickly approaching. Seasons are about to change and that includes our beauty routine. We all like something to make our life easier, so I've got 7 beauty hacks that I either use regularly or whilst travelling. So here we go.