Can you slow down?


In the busyness of our lives we can miss a lot! For instance, can you believe it’s September already!? What happened to the summer? Time goes by so quickly and if you blink you miss the things that matter.
Autumn and winter has arrived and in a way things will slow down somewhat. Nature goes into hibernation, leaves change to beautiful rust, yellow colours that adds warmth to the cold days. Then they fall away exposing the naked branches, allowing the eventual snow that falls to cover and create a magical winter wonderland. If nature can slow down and create such splendour, I wonder what we could create if we slowed down a bit?

Here are a few ways to slow down, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

1. Breathe:

I know you already breathe but I’m talking about deep breathing here. Just stop for 5 minutes and breathe deeply. You may find yourself just releasing some of the tension that you’re holding in your body.

2. Say No:

Yup that’s correct. Say no to the things or situations that take away from you. We often time load ourselves up with things because we’re afraid to say no and disappoint people. The reality is that the more you say yes to the things that subtract from you, is the less time and space you will have for the things that will fill you up. Besides, people will get over their disappointment that you didn’t attend their sister’s husband’s brother drinks 😉

3. Meditate:

This is actually a great way to not only slow down but it’s great for overall health too! Win win situation if you ask me. A simple way to get started is to take 2 mins and sit quietly just observing your breath. It gives you a moment and your brain a chance to almost ‘reset’ which helps with clarity.

4. Rituals:

This tip is about you forming a ritual that allows you to slow down. So if you’re an early riser and like tea, instead of grabbing your phone to check social media; how about making a cup of tea and looking out the window whilst you sip it? You feed yourself first before you start giving to others.

To me slowing down is all about filling your ‘cup’ before you start filling the ‘cups’ of others.

Tell me if you use any of these tips and if they’ve helped you in any way.

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As always thank you so much for reading.

Until next time peeps, have a good one!

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0 thoughts on “Can you slow down?

  1. Charlotte

    Really enjoyed reading this, I hope to see over at my blog soon
    Charlotte //


    1. majeang

      Thanks! Be happy to stop by 😀



    I agree! Sometimes we’re in such of a rush that we forget to appreciate the small things in life which are important. Saying no is something I plan on working on as I don’t want to do things if my heart’s not in it. It’s just a waste of time. Great post and wise words Xx


    1. majeang

      Good for you on saying no more! If it doesn’t make your heart sing then what’s the point!? Thank you xx


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